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Singapore Post Limited
1. Why pay three times NAV for F.S. Mackenzie?
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Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd.
1. Why does Serge Pun & Associates want to sell land and LDRs in the first place?
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Lian Beng Group Ltd.
4. Who were the independent valuers it hired in FY12 and FY13?
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First Sponsor Group Limited
21. Why does the Company provide loans to the local government in China?
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Innopac Holdings Ltd
2. When did Innopac invest an additional RM 2 mln in Mega Highlights? And when was this announced to shareholders?
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AusGroup Limited
Why is it paying S$55 mln to acquire net liabilities from Ezion?
By Ashish Saxena on Saturday, 30 August 2014
It is buying the Port and Marine Base business of its controlling shareholder Ezion Holdings Ltd, but for what benefit? 30/8/2014 – AusGroup Ltd is buying the Port and Marine Base business from its controlling shareholder SGX-listed Ezion Holdings Ltd for S$55 mln. This business falls under the umbrella of wholly-owned subsidiary Ezion Offshore Logistics Hub Pte Ltd (EOLH) and 90%-owned Teras Australia Pty Ltd (TAPL). The acquisition is conditional upon the approval of AusGroup's more...
Ezion Holdings Ltd
Why buy back Teras Conquest 4 within two years of selling it?
By Ashish Saxena on Saturday, 30 August 2014
It sold the business in 2012 for US$25 mln, but bought it back in January for US$32 mln, having paid around US$21 mln in annual leases in the meantime. 30/8/2014 – Ezion Holdings Ltd says it will continue to invest in service rigs to meet the strong demand by oil companies in Asia Pacific, more...
CCFH Limited
How long before it need to raise capital in the stock market again?
By Nadhirah Anuar on Saturday, 23 August 2014
Sales are steaming ahead. But with working capital, inventories and debts in the millions, it looks like it needs to consider another capital raising in the next six months. 23/8/2014 – CCFH Limited has granted a license to Casa Grandeur Pte Ltd, to sell bedding and bed linen products unde more...

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01. OLAM.SI : Olam International Ltd
02. GENS.SI : Genting Singapore PLC
03. NOBG.SI : Noble Group Limited
04. GAGR.SI : Golden Agri-Resources Ltd
05. YOMA.SI : Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd.
06. STEL.SI : Singapore Telecommunications Limited
07. KPLM.SI : Keppel Corporation Limited
08. CATL.SI : CapitaLand Limited
09. WLIL.SI : Wilmar International Limited
10. SGXL.SI : Singapore Exchange Limited


Shell Refining Company Bhd
When will it stop burning cash?
By Tan Jin San on Thursday, 28 August 2014
Shell burnt cash on its operations again this quarter, so it had to borrow more money. But it has been borrowing more money over the past two years. Is it sustainable? 28/8/2014 – The management of Shell Refining warns weak refining margins are likely to persist longer than expected. It says it has taken action to ensure sufficient cash flow for operations until the situation improves. It will also undertake a structured review of the company’s resilience in a persistently low ma more...
Bursa Malaysia Bhd
Why did revenue for derivatives market fall?
By Tan Jin San on Thursday, 28 August 2014
Operating revenue for Bursa's derivatives market fell year-on-year, but as detailed as Bursa's discussion was in its report, it did not touch on the drop in derivatives trading revenue. 28/8/2014 – Bursa Malaysia's management says it thinks the underlying strong fundamentals of the domesti more...
Gamuda Berhad
What is the real value of Salak Land?
By Nadhirah Anuar on Wednesday, 20 August 2014
What is the real value of the agricultural land that will be converted to mixed-use purpose? 20/8/2014 – Gamuda Berhad is buying Salak Land Development Sdn Bhd for RM784.3 mln in cash. The company owns 619ha of leasehold agricultural land, which will boost Gamuda’s land bank and also more...

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01. MBBM.KL : Malayan Banking Berhad
02. BENL.KL : Benalec Hldg Bhd
03. GENM.KL : Genting Malaysia Bhd
04. HUAY.KL : Hua Yang Berhad
05. MATR.KL : Matrix Concepts Holdings Bhd
06. ATLA.KL : Atlan Holdings Berhad
07. IOIB.KL : IOI Corporation Berhad
08. PNTE.KL : Pantech Group Holdings Berhad
09. PUBM.KL : Public Bank Berhad
10. AIRA.KL : AirAsia Berhad